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Notable Clients

Magistrates     Sports Celebrities     World Renown Artists

Heisman Trophy Winners     Academy Award® Winners

John Alpizar, Esquire
Dr. & Mrs. Larry Bishop, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Barger, Esquire
Mr. & Mrs. John Bohne / Proprietor Sunmarking Inc.
Robert Barren / past CEO of Grumman Corp.
Dr. & Mrs. Hunter Collins, D.M.D.
Dr. & Mrs. Mauricio Castellon, M.D.
Jeanne Caudle / Original Lansing Island developer
Sammy Cacciatore Jr., Esquire
Sammy Cacciatore Sr., Esquire
Bobbie Dyer / Dyer Mortgage
James Peoples III / Esquire
Jerry Pezzementi / Design firm owner
David Dyer, Esquire
Doug Flutie / Quarterback / Heisman Trophy winner
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Fusco, M.D.
Paul Fusillo / Nissan dealership owner
Dr. Thomas Swain/ cardiologist
Robert Briel/ Land Surveyor

C.J. Hobgood / World Champion Surfing Professional
Huizenga’s / Fort Lauderdale Florida / Blockbuster Video, Auto Nation
Jack Hamilton, Esquire
Mr. & Mrs. Krasny, Esquire
Dr. Jay LaRochelle, M.D.
Layman Law Firm
Mr. & Mrs. James N. Nance, Esquire
Mr. & Mrs. Villi, Esquire
Dr. Kim Zipper, M.D.
Mr. & Mrs. Dijon Pepaj /Restauranteur
Sandy Pezzementi / Design firm owner
Dr. Giles Rainwater
Honorable Judge Rainwater
Tomasz Rut / ROBB REPORT named “most collectible living artist” and part of the Rome collection
Dr. James Simpson, Physicists
Edward Scott / past Chase Bank manager executive
Vincent Taranto
Dr. Jeffrey T. O’brien, MD

Honorable Judge Silvernail
Ms. Scholl / Sotheby’s International Realty
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Underill, D.M.D.
Dr. Ralph Zipper, M.D. / Academy Award® Winning executive producer
Mr. & Mrs. Dr. Seelman / MIMA co-founder
Alexa Flutie / Head Cheerleader / San Diego Chargers
Derrick R. Connell, Esquire
Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos, M.D.
Dr. Valorie Houk, D.M.D.
Senator Mike Haridopolos
Rick Kendust /Home Designer
Howard Lance/ past CEO of Harris Corp.
Georg Polke
Yvette Mattern
Miscellaneous Projects
American Business Interiors
Nance Cacciatore / Law Firm
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

If you have ever wondered why all homes in Brevard look alike, your curiosity can be fed with the simple term “McMansion.” Commonly found in the United States, “McMansions” are large tract houses constructed with modern labor-saving techniques and inexpensive or “Fake in Nature” building materials. The result produces a house of large size that lacks all, if any, architectural integrity; a “McMansion!” At Charroux Homebuilder, we don’t hold our emphasis on “McMansionism!” For further academic reading on McMasionism, click here for Wikipedia.